vrv-group1VRV S.p.A, the parent company of the VRV Group is an international industrial company that operates in the design and manufacture of pressure equipment for chemical, petrochemical, power and cryogenic industries. It was established in 1956 in Milan and then moved to Ornago in 1974. The manufacturing activities of VRV S.p.A. take place at Ornago and Burago facilities, covering a total surface higher than 90,000 m2 and Ornago facility is currently undergoing an expansion of another 8,000 m2 to meet the rising demand of the business.

The selection of the materials according to the most stringent industry standards, the accurate quality control of all manufacturing aspects, the high level of automation in welding, the meticulous non-destructive testing activities and the special care taken over heat treatments, enable VRV to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers and of national and international Inspection Boards.

VRV S.p.A. is organized into two different Divisions:


Energy & Petrochemical Division – This business line specializes in the design and manufacture of medium/high pressure equipment, like reactors, columns, heat exchangers and special vessels. Construction materials range from steels (carbon steel, low-alloy steel, clad steel) to special alloys (nickel, copper, aluminium) and more exotic materials like Incoloy, Inconel, Hastelloy and titanium. VRV is qualified by the main Engineering Companies throughout the world and is approved by all major process licensors like Topsoe, Uhde, Casale, Phillips, Lummus, Polimeri Europa etc.

Cryogenic Division – It specializes in the design and manufacture of cryogenic equipment for the transport, storage and distribution of liquefied technical gases (LIN-LOX-LAR-LHe-LCO2-LNO2-LNG-LH2). Its activities range from industrial, electric, medical and special applications, with a variety of static and mobile, standard and engineered tanks with perlite and super-insulated technology.

The Production Facility 

Facilities and Capabilities

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EXTERNAL TOWER                                    Height                            25 meters
FOR VERTICAL ASSEMBLY                      Vessel clearance           6 meters max.

DIMENSIONS AND LIMITS FOR               Diameter                         6 meters max.
SHIPMENT                                              %